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Venus Factor Xtreme is an amazing fitness program that frames the importance of a nutrition plan for women to boost their metabolic system. This whole system focuses on a
healthy and quick weight loss.

What is Venus Factor Xtreme?

Venus Factor Xtreme is a special program designed by John Barban. This healthy weight loss program is designed specifically for women.

The 12- week program has described how a woman can lose weight without having to compromise on food which is healthy.

venus factor xtreme reviewThe body of a woman has a tendency to store more as compared to a man and hence, women fight a lot to get into a proper shape and size. The programs that focus on weight loss include strict workout regime as well as diets but, they are of no help. Here, Venus Factor Xtreme comes to their rescue. This weight loss system not only helps the women to lose weight but, do so in a very healthy way. Also, this system also helps women knowing more about their bodies and tells them the ways that are apt for their bodies in order to lose weight. Venus factor xtreme teaches women about the diet plan that they must follow and also tells them the eating patterns and times. Also, this system helps in optimizing the balance of fat hormone (leptin hormone) via the leptin diet described in the program.

Venus factor Xtreme is quite simple and sans any complicated measures to lose weight. Also, the effects are guaranteed. The system works by optimizing hormone levels in women in order to keep them healthy. Also, the system carries workout strategies that are really very effective along with a healthy and easy to implement diet plan.

With Venus Factor Xtreme, a woman is sure to get the desired shape of her body without compromising on overall health.

Who is the curator of this system?

Venus Factor Xtreme  is the brainchild of John Barban. John is a nutrition and fitness coach based in Canada. John studied Human Biology and Nutrition at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He then went on doing masters from the same university in Human Biology and Nutrition. He also did research. At the University of Florida, he taught exercise physiology.

John has an experience of 8 years in working in dietary and sports supplement industry. He had spent 8 years in researching about and developing sports as well as weight loss supplements. Today too, he consults various supplement companies for product development and formula.

His immense knowledge on biology and physiology helped him developing the best weight loss system “Venus Factor Xtreme“. His focus of study has always been around weight loss in women. With his vast knowledge and experience, he developed Venus Factor Xtreme, the best weight loss system for women.

More about the system

venus factor xtreme dietVenus Factor Xtreme system aims at optimizing the metabolic system of a woman so that she can lose weight. The system tells women to follow a specific diet plan that helps in shedding extra kilos even after workouts. When the metabolic rate rises, the body stops storing extra calories and hence, weight loss is initiated as good metabolism breaks food and the energy is brought into use for energy supply. The absence of a large amount of fat gives slim and toned body.

Also, when the nutrients are used efficiently, it gives a healthy status to the body.

Venus Factor Xtreme includes some effective exercises and diet plans that help women in achieving the desired weight. This program is effective for young as well as elderly women. However, John recommends that before starting to work on weight loss using this program, a woman must consult her doctor.

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor

Like every system, Venus Factor Xtreme also comes with a set of pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of this system:


  • No diets involved

The best thing about the Venus Factor Xtreme is that it does not ask you to follow strict diets. No diet at all prompts many women to take up this system for healthy weight loss. This system is free from any fuss and is one of the easiest weight loss systems. A woman can eat whatever she wants and whenever she wants. The key is to add nutritional value to the food that she eats.

  • It enhances appearance

Just in 12 weeks, a woman will notice positive changes in her body. The system is sure to enhance the appearance of a woman. It is a tried and tested way to get a beautiful body frame.

  • Women- centric program

Venus Factor Xtreme is specially designed for women. John, the designer of this program has a deep knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of women. With this knowledge, he succeeded in developing an effective system for women. The techniques, exercises and diet- plan described in the system are specially created for weight loss in women. With this system, a woman will never feel weak or down in energy. But, she will feel healthy, happy and strong.

  • The use of leptin

Venus Factor Xtreme program efficiently derives advantage from leptin. Leptin has fat- burning powers. The creator has utilized the power of this hormone in helping women to lose weight. The hormone helps in burning all the extra fat quickly and efficiently.

  • Safe and natural

This system is really very safe to use. There are no health hazards of this system. Also, it is a totally natural way to lose weight.


There are not many drawbacks of this system. The only limitation of this weight loss system is that a woman would need to implement the program for 12 weeks to achieve the desired state of the body.


Venus Factor Xtreme is a safe, effective and completely natural way of weight loss. There are many advantages of this system and along with them, all the user gets 60- days money back guarantee. This system is a must try for the women who want to get back in a proper and healthy shape.

Venus Factor Xtreme Review
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Venus Factor Xtreme Review
Venus Factor Xtreme is a special program designed by John Barban. This weight loss program is designed specifically for women.
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