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Provillus Review

In this article below we will write all about hair loss product called Provillus.

The life style, today, is very hectic. If we take a look into the modern families, today, you will find the men of the house are stuck in their office work, the women of the house are juggling between home and office, the older citizens are combating their ill health, even the kids are not spared, they too are dealing with the stress of studies, competition and even worse, peer pressure. All these things take a toll on the general health of a person, not only health, the stress even shows on the face. The mental stress causes fine lines, wrinkles and also hair fall.

If you are dealing with mental or physical stress in any form, you will notice an increase in hair fall. Losing about 50 to 100 hair each day is considered as normal,Provillus for men and women but if the count increases, it is an issue to worry.

There are many other things to add on, other than stress, for instance, unhealthy food habits. People, today, are always in a rush and hence, they take their breakfast on the go. Some grab just a cup of coffee or tea, while some eat unhealthy junk food. Even for lunch and dinner, people prefer pizzas and pasta and keep healthy food at bay. And on top of that, they keep on munching unhealthy snacks in between the meals. The nutritional value of the food is nil today. People often face the deficiency of important vitamins, minerals, iron, protein et al. The borderline is that today’s food is sans any nutrition.


This too results in hair loss. But, there is another side of a picture too. Too much of vitamin A in the body too, trigger hair loss. Well, if you think these are the only reasons for hair loss, you are so wrong. When we head out of our home, we subject our hair to pollution, strong radiations coming from the sun, dust and dirt also take a toll on our hair resulting in a great amount of hair fall.

There are many other reasons of hair fall too, like, pregnancy, hormonal disturbances, heredity, anemia, autoimmunity- related hair loss, hypothyroidism, radiation therapy, weight loss, taking antidepressant or blood thinner, excessive use of hair styling products, aging, steroid intake, and many more. These activities and condition cause a lot of hair fall.
Nowadays, it is common to spot men with a bald patch, and for that matter even woman. One out of every four women suffers from pattern hair loss. The problem is growing with an unbelievable pace. The causes are well known by now. Both men and women are equally affected by it. Not only adults but kids too are falling prey to hair fall. Hair fall is becoming one common problem.

The best solution to this universal and dreadful problem is Provillus. If questions like, what is it? How does it work? What are its pros and cons? et al is ringing in your mind, then, keep on reading. This article contains each and every detail about the elixir called Provillus.

What Is Provillus?

Provillus is a topical solution that promotes hair growth. The solution has to be applied on the scalp. This solution controls hair loss and also promotes hair growth. It is clinically tested and proven a solution to control hair loss.

How Does Provillus Work?

How Does Provillus WorkProvillus contains a chemical called minoxidil. Minoxidil is responsible for the regrowth of hair. It is an FDA- approved drug, which is clinically proven to arrest hair loss and promote regrowth of hair.

In addition to this, Provillus also contain essential vitamins, minerals and herbs that provide nutrition to hair. Thus, making hair healthy.

Provillus comes in two form Provillus for Men and specially formulated Provillus for Women.

Provillus For Men

Provillus For MenProvillus for men is an effective and a natural way of hair growth. As we have already mentioned that Provillus is FDA approved, it gives back the natural hair and along with it, your lost confidence.

Having a bald patch is very deteriorative. In today’s world, it is essential to look presentable and pattern baldness is enough to bring down the confidence. Provillus works to strengthen and volumize hair to a great extent. It offers a hundred percent guarantee to fuller, thicker and voluminous hair. You will notice that your hair appears shinier and healthier than ever.

It is very easy to apply. Just one spray to the bald patch and your work is done. The spray system ensures that the solution spreads evenly and is absorbed evenly.

Provillus For Women

Provillus For Women99 % of women suffer from hair loss, but when baldness begins to appear, it gets traumatic. No women in the world would ever want to be spotted with a bald patch, but unluckily, this is happening and that too, at a great pace.

Provillus For Women is the solution to this heart- wrecking problem. Provillus promises to regrow all the lost hair irrespective of the color and texture of your hair. It arrests thinning of hair. Just like Provillus For Men, Provillus For Women also nourishes, strengthens, volumize and rejuvenates hair.

Provillus works by promoting blood flow and supplying oxygen and nutrients to the hair. It also reinvigorates all the shrunken hair follicle to promote the growth of healthy hair. Provillus also optimize the hair regrowth cycle.

Provillus For Women works in three steps-

Step 1: It cleanses and condition the hair. The revitalizing shampoo is loaded with antioxidants as well as vitamins to offer proper nourishment to the hair and the volumizing conditioner adds body, dimension, and volume to the hair.

Step 2: It promotes regrowth of the lost hair. The ingredient of Provillus promotes hair regrowth.

Step 3: The amplifying lift spray rejuvenates the hair and protects them from further breakage as well as heat.


Provillus is an effective and the easiest way to tackle the biggest hair issue. You do not require to spend bucks in expensive hair treatments, Provillus is the best solution to hair loss. It is also very economical and the company also offer the money back guarantee, in case you do not like the product.


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