Natural Ways To De-Stress Yourself

What is the root cause of all the diseases? What is the cause for the wrinkles and fine lines on your face? What is the cause of insomnia? What is the cause of all the extra piles that you are putting on? What is the cause of the gray hair on your head? The common answer to all these questions is “stress”. Stress is the reason for every single health issue and the worst scenario is that every single person in this world is suffering from stress; old and young, male or female alike. We all are under the spell caused by stress.

In the modern world, which follows the “survival of the fittest” policy, people are running for their lives. The younger people are running to clear their exams and get a decent job, the middle-aged are running to support their family, the mothers are running to raise their kids and look after the household and the senior citizens are worrying about their deteriorating physical conditions. The reason for developing stress is present in each and every corner and sadly, more and more number of people are getting victim of stress.

It takes a moment to trigger stress and truck loads of time to subside and hence, in the process, our health gets affected. So, here we have good news for you. Presenting you the natural ways to de-stress yourself. These stress-busting remedies are very effective and totally natural. They will help to deal with stress to a great extent.

Take a look at the natural ways to de- stress yourself

  • Go For A Walk

Get up early in the morning and go for a walk, not necessarily a long one, but a short 10-minute walk amidst nature. This will release the hormone endorphin which in turn reduces the stress hormone. You will feel amazing throughout the day.

  • Spend Some time With Amidst Nature

Getting up- close- and- personal with nature will help you to deal with stress at large. Get out from the confines of the house and spend some time in open. Breath in the fresh air and the stress vanish in no time.

  • Spend Some time With Your Pet

The little bundle of joy that regularly come to receive you and to see you off to the door of your home needs a little more attention than you usually give it. This in turn will help you to burst your stress. After a long day of work, take it to a walk or play with it for some time.

  • Weekend Getaways Are Magical

We know you always plan an annual long vacation with your family or friends, but going for short vacations over weekend is a miracle to ward off stress. At the end of the week, leave all your stress at the workplace and head for a little holiday and come back fresh with memories. This will also prepare you for the challenges coming for the week.

  • Put On Some Music

Put on some music or hum your favorite tune to relieve the stress. Listening to a soothing track causes the release of dopamine, a feel- good chemical. This will relieve all the built- up stress. Listening to classical music slow down the heart rate, bring the blood pressure down and kills the stress hormones. Listen to music when you are driving, getting ready in the morning or while having a shower.

  • Eat Chocolates

Eating chocolate gives an anti- anxiety effect. Taking something sweet is really very soothing. Eat your favorite sweet food, but do not over do it.

  • Kiss Your Spouse

Kissing release endorphin, a feel- good hormone. Kiss more often to relieve stress.

  • Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise soothes the body, mind and soul. Practice “pranayama” or “life force”. It makes you feel relaxed and combat stress.

  • Grow Some Plants In Your Surroundings

Having greenery surround you is a great stress buster. Spend some time in your garden. Have your morning tea or breakfast in the garden. Plant some trees yourself and watch them grow.

  • Put Off The Technologies For Sometime

Switch off your mobile phones, television sets, computers, laptops and iPads for at least some time in a day. Cut off from all the technology-driven things. This will give you some time to spend with yourself and connect to the real world instead of virtual.

  • Eat Potato Or Banana

Banana or potatoes are a good source of potassium and potassium work wonders to bring down the blood pressure that tends to increase during stress. Eating a banana when you are stressed out helps to relieve stress to a great extent.

  • Spend time With Family And Friends

We often get so busy in our hectic schedule that we do not see much of our friends and sometimes also ignore our families which are not at all good. Spending time with friends and family will impart you a sense of fulfillment and happiness and proves great to deal with stress.

  • Sip- In Some Herbal Tea

It is scientifically proven that green tea helps to reduce stress. Give your taste buds a treat and drink herbal tea in exotic flavors like lemon balm, catnip, passionflower, valerian, skull cap, hops, et al.

  • Join A Hobby Class Or Give Some Time To Your Hobby At Home

Take guitar lessons or involve yourself in some craft project. This will help you a lot to keep stress away for at least some time and you will also get something new to learn.

  • Take Breaks In Between Work

Don’t work for long hours. We know your work demands attention and time, but at least you can give little breaks lasting for 10 minutes. This will help your mind and eyes to relax for a while. Walk for a few minutes or close your eyes for a few minutes. This is a great stress busting technique.

  • Visualize Something

Give your imagination wings and let it fly. Just close your eyes and imagine about your next vacation, cozy moments with your spouse, your favorite or a picnic and see how good you will fell once you open your eyes.