Health Benefits of Whiskey

Whiskey is a type of alcoholic beverage, made from the distillation of grain mash after its fermentation. These grains can be of the following: corn, wheat, and barley, among others. These grains generally make the taste of whiskey distinct, which is why people all over the world have a different preference of it. The aging is done using wooden casks, and is counted starting from its distillation until its opening and consumption.

But that is not the reason for whiskey’s global fame, for it is also known to have several health benefits when consumed in advisable amounts, such as a couple of ounces each day. Let’s take a look at these benefits, and see whiskey in a different way.

1) Doesn’t promote weight gain

When compared with other alcoholic beverages, whiskey will not make you gain weight, as it is barely composed of calories and sugar. It does, but it is just in small amounts which would just be used as energy to fuel your body. Unlike beer that can give you a ‘beer belly’, whiskey helps you maintain your weight even if you drink it regularly, provided that the amount is within the advisable range.

2) Reduces blood clots

When blood clots inside your body, it forms a mass which can block bloody travelling around it. This is very dangerous, especially if the blood clot occurs in your brain, which can lead to stroke. Studies have shown that whiskey reduces the formation of blood clots, as its alcoholic nature is related to blood thinning like that of anticoagulants, making the formation of clots less likely.

3) Promotes better brain activity

Since whiskey has the ability to prevent clots as well as its coagulation (thickening), it promotes better blood flow. This in turn makes the brain healthier, as it is continuously getting a supply of oxygen due to unrestricted blood flow. But again, the amount should not be beyond the tolerable values, as it will have an adverse effect to the brain when consumed excessively.

4) Has a powerful antioxidant

An antioxidant is defined as a substance that prevents oxidation of compounds that result in the formation of harmful metabolism by-products (free radicals). Vitamin C or E are examples of antioxidants. In whiskey, the antioxidant present is known as ellagic acid, which is incredibly powerful and helps boost the immune system, thereby preventing the formation of many diseases. In addition, ellagic acid is known to neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer.

5) Stress reliever

Whiskey is also known to be good in treating stress. Since it promotes better blood flow, blood pressure remains within a good range, which in turn makes the nerves of your body calm down. Drinking scotch whiskies is also linked to having a good sleep.

6) Makes life Longer

Drinking with your friends makes a huge difference in as little as one day, as studies have shown that drinking is related to laughing, which in the long run has a positive effect on health. Drinking whiskey also does the same, and it actually adds more health benefits such as the ones mentioned above.

In general, whiskey does not contain substances that can make you as dizzy as that of other alcoholic beverages. What it contains are actually better substances that can boost your health to unexpected levels. It does not defeat the issues of alcohol drinking, but it also does not take its toll on your health when consumed at an acceptable level. Now that you have learned of its benefits, spread the word so that other people can enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages without feeling guilty too!

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