Best five foods for pregnant women

Pregnancy is such a good feeling. Pregnancy is an emotion which fetches everybody with utter happiness. It strengthens the bond between the couple as they take one step ahead in completing their happy family. Thus, a pregnancy altogether is one source of great happiness among the family. A pregnant woman therefore must be given a due and proper care. From her food to her daily regime, everything must keep her happy and healthy. If you are pregnant woman, you must take care with all the food you eat, since the food that you take in directly affects the health and the growth of baby inside you. Apart from the baby, you are also required to keep yourself healthy in order to feed your infant inside. According to some studies, pregnancy increases the appetite in women significantly; the result is that their want of food is highly increased. But, being a pregnant woman, you should always be aware with the kind of food you eat. The food must be healthy and strengthening. Here are the five best foods that must be taken by you if you are pregnant by any month.

1. Walnuts:

From our very childhood to juvenescence, we are often taught and told that walnuts are a great source of essential nutrients required by our bodies. The walnut is very essential for the growth of the most important part of our body, the brain. Apart from it, walnuts carry great nutritional values with them. These nuts are considered as the richest sources of natural plant-based omega – 3S. Walnuts are also very helpful nuts during the pregnancy. The intake walnuts strengthen the vagina among the woman that helps in making the pregnancy very easy. Thus, if you are pregnant, consumption of a handful of walnuts is a good deal for you. Walnuts can either be taken raw or can also be used as the dressing on your salad. Apart from carrying a great nutritional value, walnuts are also rich in the DHA that if taken, would benefit the baby inside you. Walnut is also very rich source of fibre and protein.

2. Green and leafy vegetables:

Green and leafy vegetables are a great source of nutrients for both the pregnant woman and her baby. These vegetables are highly rich in a number of nutrients such as protein, fibre as well as several vitamins like vitamin K, C and vitamin A. Apart from it, these vegetables are also a very rich source of all the important folates required by your body. Also, the green and leafy vegetables help to promote good vision in you. Thus, if you are pregnant, you must consume these green and leafy vegetables. According to a study, vegetables such as spinach, Swiss chard, kale and other leafy vegetables are highly loaded with nutrients and vitamins. Thus, consuming these vegetables would be a good deal for you as well as your baby. You can consume these vegetables raw in the form of salad, or can also cook them into soups and take them on a regular basis.

3. Popcorn and other whole grains:

Yes, popcorn is a whole grain – as stated by a study. Popcorn is the love of a number of people – be it children or the youngsters. People of every age group love popcorn. This whole grain is very important during the pregnancy as it is very much rich in high nutrients and fibres. There are number of nutrients present in popcorn such as selenium, vitamin E and phytonutrients that are nothing but good plant compounds which help in protecting cells. Thus, these fluffy and tasty grains apart from being delicious and tempting are rich in high nutrients. You can consume popcorn anytime during your pregnancy. You can also add your favorite spices to it in order to improve its taste. There are a number of other whole grains that are equally beneficial for a pregnant woman as well as her baby. These are oatmeal, barley, grain quinoa, etc.

4. Sweet Potatoes:

We all know that sweet potatoes are a great source of a number of nutrients beneficial for the body. Sweet potatoes are usually orange in color that gets their color from carotenoids. The carotenoids are nothing but plant pigments that are converted into vitamin A after reaching inside our body. Sweet potatoes thus are considered as very essential source of nutrients for the women. Sweet potatoes are also a very good source of folate, fiber and vitamin C that is required by the body. The best thing about sweet potatoes is they are very versatile and inexpensive and therefore can be found anywhere. You can consume this vegetable in any form. You can also boil it and slice it up into a snack. However, you must at the same time be careful while consuming the sweet potatoes since too much of carotenoids can be dangerous. Sweet potatoes are very pleasuring to the taste buds of pregnant women and can really help them to put and end to their cravings of a tasty meal.

5. Beans:

A number of beans such as lentils, black beans, chickpeas, pinto beans or navy beans can prove wonders for pregnant women if consumed regularly while pregnancy. You can choose any bean as per your taste and can feed on it for the good health of you as well as your baby. The best part of consuming beans is that these beans are highly rich in protein and fiber and are more nutritious than the vegetables. The most required nutrient by the body during pregnancy is protein and these beans are highly rich in protein and fiber. Thus, you can make the beans your best friend. The fiber presents in the beans help to prevent the problem of gastrointestinal tract that slows down during pregnancy. Thus, it protects you from the regular sufferings of hemorrhoids and constipation. Apart from this, these true beans are also very rich in folate, iron, zinc and calcium. Thus, regular consumption of beans can be really helpful for all the pregnant women.