Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition is nothing but the fuel of life. The proper growth of our body demands both good food and good nutrition. Without good food nutritional value, the growth of the body becomes zero. Thus, good food and good nutrition play a very important role in the life of a man. A good diet, therefore is a must to grow fit and fine.

A good nutrition consists of a balanced diet that include all the good and important nutrients accelerating the growth of the body such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, essential fats and all other important elements. This diet can be obtained either from the natural sources or other supplements available in the markets. Thus, the diet or the food chosen must fulfill this requirement and must be a balanced diet essential for the proper growth of the body. Our body is God’s master-piece and must be finely taken care of. Good health is bliss.

This section is dedicated to all of you who are looking forward to seeking the importance of food and nutrition for proper growth of your bodies. All the related information about good food along with its good and bad as well as nutritional value is described here.