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Fighter Abs 2.0 Review

Who don’t want well chiseled six- pack abs? After all the six- pack abs are the license of getting a lot of female attention. Not only males but also many ladies are gearing up to flaunt their toned mid- riff.

In order to get the perfect abs, both, men and women work out vigorously in the gym, follow a strict diet plan, and do every possible thing, but only a few of them get the desired result. It’s very strange, but there is something drastically wrong with their plan or technique. If you too, fall in the same category then, we have some help at hand.

Here is your license to get the fighter abs- Fighter Abs 2.0, a guide to get the perfect abs by Andrew Raposo. This guide has everything that you need to know about the getting and then maintaining the six pack abs. Here, in this article we are reviewing the Fighter Abs 2.0. As you go through the article, you will discover what the book is all about, an effective three – phase formula to get the desired abdomen, about the author, the benefits of the book and many more. Have a look-

What Is Fighter Abs 2.0?

Fighter Abs 2.0This carries the secret of getting the fighter abs. The fighters that you see on the television have the best-ripped abs. The book carries a 3- phase formula that will give you the ripped fighter abs. This book has the magical formula to get the perfectly ripped, fighter- like abs. In this book, the author has also described the common mistakes you commit while working out to get the perfect abs, the barriers that are stopping from getting the six pack abs and how to break all the barriers and get where you always wanted to get, i.e., in the eyes of the people.

About The Author Of Fighter Abs 2.0

The book is written by Andrew Raposo, who is North American Muay Thai Champion, Fitness, and Strength Coach and Muay Thai and Boxing Coach.

Andrew RaposoLike everyone else, Andrew also joined the gym to get the perfect abs. He too did an intense workout and followed a strict diet, but these things never led him anywhere. He always wanted to get the abs like the fighters and enrolled himself in the boxing gym. He gave many efforts there too but was not getting the desired result. So, he started observing the fighters. He observed how the fighters train to get a perfect mid- section. He followed them, he did all the exercises that they used to do and within a few weeks, he began to experience the changes in his body. With this training, he managed to get the fighter like abs.

People began to follow him and wanted him to train them. He also became a coach and train people. During his days of training and competing, he fabricated a 3 Phase formula to get the fighter like abs. He has described the whole formula in detail in his book Fighter Abs 2.0

What Are These Barriers?

The author has mentioned 4 barriers that keep you away from getting the best abs. They are-

1.Doing Sit Ups and Crunches

This is doing no good, instead wasting your time and giving you back ache. You will not get 6 pack abs, but there are chances that you could injure your lower back.

2.Following A Strict Diet

People believe that abs are made in the kitchen, which is true, but partly. Abs is not purely made in the kitchen. You need proper abdominal training to flaunt fighter like abs. If you stick to a proper diet and cut the calories, you will get skinny, but will not get the chiseled abs to flaunt. Your abdominal muscles need proper training.

3.Doing Cardio Training

Riding on a bike or running breathlessly on the treadmill will take you nowhere. Stop wasting time in long and boring cardio exercises they will not give you fighter abs.

4.Blaming Genetics

People cram they their genes are at fault, which is a hundred percent wrong. Stop blaming your genes. This formula will give you ripped abs.

What Is The 3- Phase Formula?

  • Phase 1: The Foundation Phase

This phase is designed to renew the metabolism. After this phase, your body will become a fat burner. This phase will trigger the calorie burning process throughout the day. This phase will prepare you for a body for the challenges that will come your way. In this phase, you will know about the full body exercises that will trigger quick calorie burn and fat melting process.

  • Phase 2: Fighter Core Strength Phase

In this phase, you will get to see your abs. The training will get more intense. This phase will target the fat around your stomach.

  • Phase 3: Final Competition Prep

The final phase will target the lower belly fat and then the lower abs will begin to appear. The exercise will also shed even the last inch of fat from your stomach. This phase will give you ripped abs.

Benefits Of Fighter Abs 2.0

  • Benefits Of Fighter Abs 2.0Boost your confidence
  • Give you fighter abs
  • Boost your energy
  • You will not require any trainer or gym membership
  • This will not cause you back pain
  • Increase the sex appeal
  • Improve the posture
  • Melt all the belly fat
  • Burn 4 times more fat from the belly area in just fifteen minutes


Fighter Abs 2.0 is a boon for the people who want to get fighter abs. You can buy this book from the official website. They also offer you 100% money back guarantee. The best thing about this book is that you do not need to go to the gym. You can get the well- chiseled abs from your home. With the help of this book, you can fulfill the dream of flaunting the six pack abs at the beach and become popular in the opposite sex. So, stop waiting and invest in this book and get the eye- catching fighter abs.

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