E-Factor Diet – What is E-factor diet?

The E-Factor Diet Review

Losing weight is the most sought after fitness goal in today’s world. As the population is inflating, so are the people. Blame it on unhealthy lifestyle or whatever, but you can’t ignore the arising weight problems. This has triggered the introduction of several weight loss diets, equipment, plans and what not ! To be honest, losing weight is not an easy task. But it is relatively quite easy to fall prey to those scams and short-term beneficial weight loss programs. These agents provide you results for a short-term and with side effects and heavy expenditure. Moreover, they require various strict adjustments and lifestyle changes which often work as a setback to the weight loss initiatives of the customer.

This is a review of The E-factor Diet which is a weight loss program claiming to aid in effective weight loss in a completely different and convenient method. Let us see why it is different from others.

What is E-factor diet?

Unlike ordinary weight loss systems, this is a mechanism working on the fundamentals of food and timing combination. This means that this system focuses on beneficial eatables consumed at the right time. It is all about teaching the body and ultimately leading it to shed all that unwanted fat it has accumulated throughout the years.

This program is entirely unique, as it does away with limitations, for good. As the name suggests, it is all about the E-factors, which you will know about later in this article. The system states that limitations are unhealthy in the long run and losing weight should be a process that prevents emotional fulfilment.

This diet program written guide is created by author John Rowley and he explains the isolated importance of combining right foods with right eating time. This system is different from the other various weight loss programs since it advises against limitations. Simply, eat all protein and veggies and carbs you want, and avoid those you are intolerant of. Drink water aplenty, follow this guide to the core, and you will weigh much lower on the scale in a very short time !

About John Rowley

An amazing personality, John Rowley suffered from constant obesity himself and eventually came up with this program as an effective solution which worked for him miraculously.

Author of several health books, he is a fitness and nutrition expert, offering his expertise and advice on several TV shows. He has appeared in Martha Stewart show, Fox News and NBC to name a few.

About the program

The E-factor diet stands for four E’s – Energetic food, Endothermic food, Enzymatic food and Enjoyment of every meal !

These four E’s are the basis of this program and it works accordingly and instructs to consume food that comes under each of the four categories. However, its primary emphasis is on the last category that is enjoyment of everything you eat. This may arise confusion in many, as junk eatables and ridiculously unhealthy food items also enjoy a huge popularity base. But the book explains in a very understandable way the fine distinction between whatever you enjoy and whatever ‘Healthy’ you enjoy. The program focuses on the later one.

How does it work ?

As stated above, the highlight is on eating right food at the right time. This ensures a routine and eventually adjusts the physical mechanism to cease the continuous storage of unwanted fat that is making you overweight. The author has written it in a simple tone and an easy-to-understand method. Also, the program comes with various components that together explain the intricate science and tricks of losing weight in quite an easy way.

  • The E-factor diet book is a 103-page miracle, easily understandable and loaded with complete information about dieting and its various aspects. It instructs about several food items necessary for dieting and also motivates and explains about achieving success in dieting, in life.
  • The 5-page grocery guide is one of the best tools it provides the ‘dieters’ with. It is a short guide, which is portable. The guide classifies several daily food items into nutrient categories – Proteins, Vitamins, Carbs, Fats, and Condiments etc. Shopping grocery items according to your preferences and this guide will help you choose items which you like and which will help you lose weight. Having it with you is a win-win condition as it equips you with information about what you are eating every day.
  • A weight loss handbook is another component which answers effectively, the question you have always been asking – how to lose stubborn excess fat ?
  • A 25-page meal planning blueprint contains a protein guide according to body weight. Also studying this blueprint will help you in charting out a proper meal plan. You will know how much protein or carbs you should take and what different food items you can eat at different times. It is really a very significant and practical guide.

Other benefits of The E-factor diet

This guide instructs on losing weight with minimum adjustments and being informed about your body and suitable food. Add to this, the concept of eating at the ideal time, and you are set on feeling many years lighter and younger in a short time !

  • The program again exerts its uniqueness by emphasizing the importance of cheat meals – yes, cheat meals ! It tells that cheat meals are important for motivation and effective metabolism.
  • The fast food guide is a 9-page e-book provides genuine information on several fast food items and joints and the corresponding nutritional constitution and blueprint, in case you find yourself stuck in one of those restaurants and are extremely hungry ! Unique, isn’t it ?
  • All-Day energy secret book is another useful guide consisting simple tricks and strategies to keep your energy tank full throughout the day without any inconvenience.
  • The guide also contains a joint recovery workshop which is an MP3 file of online seminars of John Rowley.
  • There is also an elite support community on Facebook, where you can communicate, support and share your progress.

Should you buy The E-factor diet ?

YES. This program is for all, irrespective of age or gender. The program contains loads of information and instruction about losing weight and avoids uncomfortable adjustments. The diet plan is personalized, well-written, easy-to-understand and can be followed anytime, anywhere. Also the several attached bonuses along with the book, makes buying it a worthy choice to live a healthier and happier life.

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