Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a curse. Slowly and steadily it curbs the health of a person and makes him fall weak on his or her knees. Diabetes takes a toll on the overall health of a person. The prevalence of diabetes is increasing with each passing day. The number of cases of diabetes reported from across the world sees a massive hike every year. It should be noted that in the year 2012 about 1.5 million people died of diabetes and the figures have increased in the past few years. In the year 2014, the global prevalence of diabetes was about 9 percent among the adults. Every year the figures reach a notch higher. It is high time that we should take a step to destroy this disease from its roots.

This can be only done if people report the cases to hospital in the initial course of the disease and this can happen only if people are aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. If a person knows the symptoms of diabetes, he or she would be able to save himself from the curse called diabetes.

Diabetes occurs when the amount of glucose (sugar) gets more than the set limit. This occurs when there is lack of insulin in the body or if the body couldn’t bring in use insulin for good causing an increase in the level sugar in the body. It is a chronic disease.

Talking about diabetes type 2 in particular, it occurs when our body could not use the insulin properly to manage the level of glucose. This is the most commonly found kind of diabetes. About 90% of cases of diabetes are type 2 and the remaining 10% is comprised of type 1 and gestational diabetes. In the United States Of America alone, about 27 million people are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes share common symptoms, but in type 2 diabetes, the symptoms are noted over a long period of time. Whereas in type 1 diabetes, the symptoms develop in a week’s time. The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are milder as compared to type 1 diabetes.

The common symptoms of type 2 diabetes

  • A diabetic urinate alot more as compared to usual. The urge of urinating increase during the night.
  • One more classic symptom of diabetes is that a person feels very thirsty.
  • Feeling tired all the time is also a symptom of diabetes.
  • If you are experiencing weight loss without even trying for that, you are probably at risk. An unexplained weight loss is a classic symptom of diabetes.
  • A genital infection is also a symptom of diabetes type 2. Episodes of thrush and itching near the genital area depict diabetes type 2.
  • If you feel that the wounds are taking a little to longer to heal, it is an alarming sign. This is also a classic symptom of diabetes.
  • Tingling and numbness in the feet and hands is also a symptom of type 2 diabetes.
  • The vision also pays in diabetes. The vision of the patient becomes blurry. This occurs due to the dryness in the eyes. Thus, it becomes difficult for a person to focus.
  • Acanthosis nigricans is also a symptom of diabetes type 2. This condition is characterized by the occurrence of dark and velvety patches on the folds of the skin, like on the armpits or on the neck. This occurs due to the resistance to insulin.

Diabetes type 2 is irreversible, but it can be managed if paid attention. A diabetic must follow a strict diet. He has to be very particular about his dietary habits. Do not skip any meal. He must exercise religiously. He must visit his doctor and must keep a tab on his condition. Routine checkups are a must.

Diabetes is prevailing and to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this curse, we have to take effective measures. By keeping a strict eye on our habits and fitness, we can prevent diabetes. Also, keep a tab on the symptoms mentioned above. Try to keep the level of glucose in body under the set limit. Keep your weight in check as obesity could be a major cause of developing type 2 diabetes.