Diabetes Symptoms

Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Slowly and steadily it attacks a person and captures his or her health. It is very important for a person to keep a check on the blood sugar level to prevent himself or herself from the curse caused by diabetes. A person must keep a tab on the regular activities that he or she performs and in case, if he or she experience any abnormality with his or her system, he or she should immediately visit a doctor, so as to get immediate medical attention. To prevent oneself from the spell of diabetes, one should know all the symptoms of this disease. One should know each and every detail about diabetes. Here, we bring to you every detail that you need to know about diabetes. Take a look-

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by higher levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Our pancreas produces Insulin. This insulin lowers the level of blood sugar. If our body produces less or low level of insulin, the level of sugar increase causing diabetes.

Types of diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes – This is an autoimmune disease. In type I diabetes, our immune system itself destroy the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. This type of diabetes predominantly occurs in kids as well as young adults. hence, it is also called juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – This is the most common type of diabetes. Though insulin is produced in a normal amount, but fails to work properly causing a hike in the levels of glucose in the blood.

Gestational Diabetes – This type of diabetes occurs during pregnancy. Though, the condition reverses after the mother deliver the child but also makes her susceptible to diabetes later in her life.

Now, you know, what diabetes is, how it occurs and what are the different types of diabetes. Read further to know about the symptoms of diabetes.

List of diabetes symptoms

  • Frequent urination

This is a well-known symptom of diabetes. The person who suffers from diabetes often complains of frequent urination. This condition is medically known as polyuria.

  • Excessive thirst

A diabetic person feels thirsty all the time. The water intake increases leaps and bounds, but still the patient feels thirsty all the time. In medical terms, this condition is known as polydipsia.

  • Extreme hunger

The person who is suffering from diabetes will feel extremely hungry all the time. Even if he takes a heavy and a fulfilling diet, he will feel hunger pangs every now and then.

  • Weight loss

Even though a diabetic eats a lot all the time, he or she will experience an unexplained weight loss. If he or she sees his or her weight dropping down at an alarming pace, he or she must not ignore it.

  • Fatigue

Do you feel tired most of the time in the day, something is wrong with you. Diabetics often feel tired, even if they do not subject themselves to much physical stress. Go and see your physician without any further delay. Fatigue all the time is a clear symptom of diabetes.

  • Blurred Vision

A diabetic person experiences severe vision changes. His or her vision will blur slowly and steadily.One strange thing that contradicts this symptom is that many patients show improved vision in early diabetes. If a person who already wears glasses feels betterment in his vision, he or she should not celebrate as it might be a symptom of diabetes.

  • Feeling numbness or tingling in the hands or feet

If you feel numbness or tingling sensations in your hands or your feet, then it must be an alarming symptom. Numbness and tingling in the limbs are a symptom of diabetes.

  • Slow healing sores

In diabetes, the healing process slows down. If a person experiences a great delay in his or her sores, he or she must take it seriously and visit a doctor as soon as possible. This symptom poses a major problem to the diabetic patient.

  • Increased susceptibility to infections

In diabetes, the susceptibility to infections rises several notches higher. The person falls prey to infections more than usual. Yeast infections are common in diabetic people. Skin infections, Gum infections as well as vaginal infections are seen frequently.

  • Dryness in skin

The skin becomes dry and flaky. In some instances, the skin grows dark and strange velvety patches in the folds of the skin. The patches can be seen on the nape, knuckles and elbows. This is an early symptom of diabetes.

  • Itchiness

This is surprising indeed, but excessive itching on the body is a symptom of diabetes. Itchy skin is an early symptom of diabetes. As I have already mentioned in the earlier point that the skin gets dry and, as a result, it tends to get itchy.

  • Loss of hearing

Hearing loss is also a symptom of diabetes. This is an early sign of diabetes. The reason behind this is that diabetes destroys the nerves and the blood vessels that are present inside the inner ear and hence, the patient loses his capacity to hear clearly.

  • Snoring

This is also one very surprising symptom of diabetes. Sleep- disordered breathing is common with the people suffering from type II diabetes. The connection between diabetes and sleep- disordered breathing is still a topic of study and is quite unclear to the researchers, but cases with this symptom have been noted. So, if you hear someone snoring uncontrollably in front of you or the people near you complain about your loud snore; it’s time to see your doctor.

Diabetes is a dreadful condition. It requires a lot of attention. The cases of diabetes increase because people ignore the symptoms they see. So, if you find any of these symptoms in yourself or your closed ones, rush to a doctor immediately. If you neglect the symptoms, you will have to pay a heavy price. The complications of diabetes are dreadful. Keeping a check on all these symptoms is necessary if you want to keep yourself away from the curse called diabetes.