Adonis Golden Ratio System Review

All about The Adonis Golden Ratio System?

It is the dream of every single man in the universe, to get all the attention from the ladies. He wants all the eyes to stick on him wherever he goes and whatever he does. But, how is it possible unless you have an enviable body? You really need all your muscles in proportion to each other to make the heads turn. And this is what is the Adonis Golden Ratio System. Confused? Let me explain you every bit of it in detail.

The first thing you notice in a man is his body and personality. If you have an attractive frame, it will take just four seconds for her to get attracted to you. This is the “attraction ratio”, also called as the “Adonis Golden Ratio System” and trusts me every man wants to achieve this and get labeled as the “most attractive”.

To achieve this Adonis Golden Ratio is not a cakewalk, but, as they say, nothing is impossible, to achieve the Adonis Golden Ration is also possible with the Adonis Golden Ratio System.

What Is The Adonis Golden Ratio System?

The Adonis Golden ratio is a twelve week system designed to achieve an attractive frame. This 12 week system is compartmentalized into 3 four- week cycles. Every man can take up this program irrespective of his age, weight or workout program that he has been following.

Who Made The Adonis Golden Ration System?

The man behind this idea is John Barban. He, along with Kyle Leon, created a program that will help you to get a perfectly toned body.

He has been working as a consultant for the sports supplements industry and also teaches Human Performance at the Florida University.

What Would You Get Inside The Package?

On buying the Adonis Golden Ratio, you will get a workout program that is fully downloadable. You can download the total 12 week program in one go.

Inside the program, you will find all the important information on what workout program you have to follow, what exercises to perform, what exercises to avoid, et al.

There are in all seventy eight advanced video lessons that make up the fitness and training guide. They will teach you the perfect technique of each and every exercise.

You will also get a comprehensive nutritional guide, telling you what to eat and what to avoid. The supplement guide will carry all the information about the supplements.

The Detailed Program

No matter from where you start, but once you start following this system, no one can stop you from achieving an enviable body. Following this program is not a hard nut to crack. You just need to follow some easy steps and follow the guidelines and rules mentioned in the program. Take a look at all the steps of the Adonis Golden Ratio System

Step 1 : Set Up The Base

Follow the specific diet program and exercise guidelines mentioned in the program. Start by noting down your current status. You have to give certain input like-


Height and weight

Activity level

Body measurements

Collecting these details is an important step as it gives you a clear vision of where you are starting from and where you have to reach. With this you can keep a tab on where you are starting at the moment and your gradual improvement. You will notice the changes in you in just a few days.

Step 2 : Get Started

The Adonis Golden Ratio program includes software which brings in use an algorithm to trace the changes in your body from the current state to the Adonis Golden Ratio state. Here is the detailed program

Exercise Routines

No one can get a perfect shape without working towards it. To attain the attractive state, you need to follow a workout program specifically designed to get a chiselled frame. The exercise program is planned to give you proper mass at the proper place of the body. This workout program will give a balanced proportion.

Proper Diet

Another important part of this program is a proper diet. Following a specified diet will give you a lean mass. This program will not make you bulkier by giving too much mass that do not appeal to girls. Instead, girls prefer a lean body and the program aims to give you that. This program will give you a proportional body, like I have already mentioned.

Diet choice

The diet is not very strict, but you have o follow it till the time you wish to maintain the Adonis Golden Ratio. Follow the proper diet mentioned in this plan and take a move towards the Adonis Golden Ratio state. The program will tell you what all food you should eat in order to get a perfect body.

Step 3: Follow The Program Strictly

I consider it the most important step as nothing will happen unless you strictly follow the program.

Well, the makers also understand that one lives a busy life and cannot stay in front of the computers every time and so, they have created a mobile app so that you can follow the program even when you are on the go.

Extra benefits

The best thing about this program is that, it does not come with a heavy price tag. You just need to pay nominal cost to attain the Adonis Golden Ratio and also you will get 60-day money back guarantee, but you will never need it. You will also get the free lifetime update. The men who are looking for chiseled abs and arms will get an extra manual.


To follow this program is an unbelievably easy and the results are unbelievably awesome. You just have to fill your current status, strictly follow the recommendations given by the software and you will be tagged as the “most attractive man”.

So, buy the Adonis Golden Ratio System and get ready to receive n number of compliments on your physique. So, all you men out there, you are just 12 weeks away from the Adonis Golden Ratio.

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