4 Minute Fighter Abs Program Review

4 Minute Fighter Abs Review

4 Minute Fighter Abs is a guaranteed way of getting well- sculpted abs irrespective of gender and age. If you are tired of your belly fat and want to have envious and chiseled
abs then you must try 4 minutes fighter abs.


What is 4 Minute Fighter Abs?

4 Minute Fighter Abs
is a strictly 4 minutes exercise sequence that works to reduce the stubborn fat that accumulates on the belly and gives you a toned and chiseled midriff.
This program claims that if you follow it religiously, you will experience positive results in just 7 days. The program just asks you to give 4 minutes from your routine and it will burn all your belly fat that has been torturing you since ages.4 Minute Fighter Abs Book

How often has this happened that you have felt envious of your friend who is quite popular among girls? Or how many times girls have turned down your proposal? And
ladies, how many times has it happened that you had to kill the desire to wear the beautiful bodycon dresses? Or the boy, you have a serious crush on, ignored you? The answer must be “a million times”. The reason behind this is your growing tummy.

The best thing about this plan is that you do need not to spend half of your day in the gym or inexpensive gym memberships. You need not keep yourself away from your favorite food. You need not gulp down any kind of weight loss supplements. All you need to do is to invest total 4 minutes from your daily routine and you will become the subject of envy. The program mentioned in this book works wonder for cutting down belly fat.

Who Is Behind This System?

Andrew RaposoThe program is tailored by Andrew Raposo. Andrew is a Muay Thai Champion and a boxer hailing from North America. He has also won Time Provincial Gold Medal in Boxing, about 2 times. He has developed this program, keeping in mind the belly fat and spilled the secrets of getting perfect abs at any age.

What Does The Program Contains?

According to Andrew, the secret of perfect abs lies in the three phases that he has designed. The 4 Minute Fighter Abs system has specific phases that give effective and fast results. The positive results are visible in just seven days. Isn’t it unbelievable..? Let’s take a look at
the three phases in detail:

  • Phase I: The Foundation Phase

This phase aims at turning you into a fat burning machine by boosting your metabolism.

a. Under phase I, you will have to start with a full body exercise that the fighters perform. The exercise targets the core and as a result, your tummy will flatten, after a rise in the production of the fat burning hormone.

b. The T3 and T4 hormones will be activated and as a result, the metabolic effects will also increase and thus, your body will burn more and more fat.

c. The moment your hormones activate, your body will start burning all the stubborn fat. The fat burning process will continue even when you take rest or sleep. You will experience a change, the next day itself.

  • Phase II: Ab Revealing Phase

stubborn fatIn this phase, all your belly fat will melt making way for chiseled abs.

a. The Secret Ab Strengthening Exercises will be revealed in front of you. These secret exercises are the exercises that the fighters perform to get enviable abs.

b. These exercises are very effective. They will burn all the belly fat, giving you a flat belly like never before. You will finally see your abs.

c. The plan ensures that you stay active all the time without hitting a plateau. With these exercises, all your belly fat will vanish.

  • Phase III: Final Perfection Phase

As the name suggests, this phase will take you to perfection. This phase will target the lower belly fat and as the lower belly fat melts, your lower abs will start appearing and you will finally get thFighter Abse perfect 6 pack abs.

In this phase, you will be introduced to Intense Fighter Conditioning Drills. This drills will make sure that no amount of fat stays in your body.

b. A combination of ad shredding movements. These movements will give you a toned midsection.

c. Your struggle will complete and you will see enviable abs and a flat and toned mid- riff.

Benefits Of 4 Minutes Ab Fighter

There are n numbers of benefits of this amazing system. Let’s take a look at them-

  • This program is not at all time-consuming

All that this program demands is 4 minutes from your daily routine. This is the biggest benefit for those who have a tightly packed schedule.

  • You do not need to go to the gym

Yes!! You do not need to invest a single penny in a gym membership or heavy equipment. You can perform these exercises from your home and get the desired six packs.

  • Age is no bar

If you think 40’s is too late to even think about well-chiseled abs, think twice. with this program, you can get amazing six pack abs at any age whether you are in your 40’s, 50’s or 70’s.

  • No need to follow a strict diet

You can eat whatever you want and as much you want. There is no restriction in diet.

  • Flexibility

The program is very flexible. Even if you are combating an injury, you can follow this regime.


The 4 Minute Fighter Ab program is the best way to get perfect six packs without vigorous exercise regime or hardcore diet. This is also the most economical way of getting the desired 6 packs. You can try this program and if you feel it isn’t working for you, fret not, it offers 100 % money back guarantee. The program works for any age group and any gender. So, try the 4 Minute Fighter Ab program and get rid of the stubborn belly fat and welcome the perfectly chiseled six-pack abs.


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